German luxury automaker Porsche, a unit of Volkswagen AG – the world’s second largest automaker and the biggest in Europe – forecasts the new Macan compact sports utility vehicle has enough traction this year to become the brand’s best-seller in the United States.

Porsche’s sales boss, Bernhard Maier, commented for Reuters that the Macan will enter in 2015 its first full year of availability after last year’s late introduction and sales start in the US, Porsche’s biggest market and also the world’s No. 1 market for luxury cars. The new crossover is expected to at least match the sales figures posted by the current top-selling model, the larger Cayenne sport utility vehicle – deliveries totaled 16,000 units last year. The German sports car maker has long passed the trials and tribulations of introducing a sport utility vehicle, a move that purists disapproved for a long time. But Porsche’s move into the segment proved its fruition, as other luxury and ultra-luxury brands (Aston Martin, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Lotus) are introducing or announced their intention to develop at least one crossover model.

The Volkswagen-owned Porsche is the second largest contributor to the group’s profit, only behind premium brand Audi, albeit at a fraction of the latter’s sales – all thanks to the double-digit earnings margin it achieves, the best in the entire auto industry. Last year the Macan was delivered in 7,241 units in the US. Additionally, Maier also reconfirmed that Porsche’s worldwide sales this year are forecasted to surpass for the first time ever the 200,000 units mark, crossing a long-planned threshold a full three years ahead of schedule.

Via Reuters



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