Walker has recently partnered with How Wheels to present a range of die-cast models of different, very interesting Porsches.

The line-up consists of five 1:64 scale die-cast models with a styling inspired by some of Magnus Walker’s most famous Porsches, such as two 356s, a 935, 964, and a 911 GT3 RS. But Hot Wheels and Magnus Walker actually took things one step further and the end result is actually not exactly the same as the real cars – with the end result very cool though. For example the GT3 RS of the 997 generation is in fact treated to the livery of Walker’s 1971 Porsche 911 that was then used in the 2013 Urban Outlaw short film.

If you haven’t heard of Magnus Walker then you’re not really a big fan of classic Porsches – he’s a big star in the community – which is certainly growing due to the rising popularity of air-cooled and vintage Porsche models. The two 356s are included in the Hot Wheels Basic collection and will set you back a mere $1.09. The others are in the Hot Wheels Premium collection and will appear sometimes later this year costing $4 each.


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