Mahindra Develops the All-New Scorpio SUV in India image said that Mahindra & Mahindra has started to work on an all-new Scorpio SUV.

The company planned earlier this year to bring its diesel-powered Scorpio pickup to the States, but this plan could be delayed until the new Scorpio SUV W 105 is ready for production in 3 years. Although the current Scorpio, which is 10 years old, still sells well, the company decided that a new model was needed for future success. Besides this all-new SUV, Mahindra also develops a new pickup vehicle ready for export markets, including the U.S., considered to be of most importance in the following years.

The new W 105 SUV will be a much modified version of the current Scorpio, with a lengthened wheelbase which will help it overcome the Scorpio’s one serious limitation, that of a lack of legroom in the second row. The model will also feature an updated 140-horsepower version of the M-Hawk engine, and an all-new body. Production of the W 105 will be basically done at Mahindra’s new research facility in Chennai, named Mahindra Research Valley. Due to the new facilities and high-tech labs there, the company expects an accelerated development program.