Mahindra e2oPlus teased, it’s an electric four door image

The new Mahindra e2oPlus will be the larger relative of the e20 coupe, using the same architecture – but offering more space and amenities thanks to a four-door layout.

Indian auto giant Mahindra has decided to start the teasing game for the upcoming e2oPlus, which is an all-electric four-door microcar that will become available on the European market. The already-in-production e2o coupe was used as the build basis, with the e2oPlus most likely coming with an extra set of features to complement the added pair of doors. The teaser is still mysterious, with the images showcasing the side and rear of the new model – and the design seems to be in order with its smaller sibling. “A smart generation deserves a smart car” is being used as the punch line by Mahindra, with all other details reserved for the actual unveiling.

The pricing of the more practical four door will most likely fall in between the base e2o, which costs in the UK £12,995 ($16,064) after grants, and the flagship trim e2o TechX, which costs £15,995 ($19,773) after grants. We are also expecting the same 13.9kWh battery pack, which is good for 40 kmh (0-25 mph) run of just 4.9 seconds, and an 80 miles single charge autonomy.