Malaysia Government Pays $3.7 Billion Annually For Accidents image

Malaysia Transport Minister declared that the government pays around RM9billion (S$3.7 billion) annually for medical expenses and damages from road accidents.

In 2011 6,877 accidents were recorded, from which 60% involved motorcycles. These accidents affect not only the motorists but also the government and other various parties.

“The public sees only the victims and the damaged vehicles. They don’t see the sufferings of the victims’ families and how much the Government paid for medical bills (at government hospitals),” he said.

He also advised drivers to take precautions when they are on the road and apply what they have learned from the road safety campaigns which the Government offered, since the situation is serious and a solution has to be found. The Transport Minister said that the even if the safety programs are efficient, they are of no use if motorists do not put into practice what they learned. Since there are more than 1 million new vehicles registered annually, the public must be very careful on the road and motorists should wear helmets all the time.