Malaysia: New Auto Sales Down in April image

The Malaysian Automotive Association declared that sales of new vehicles in Malaysia fell 6.3% in April compared to last year.

In April the total of new car sales reached 47, 736 units from 50, 936 units in 2011, but total vehicle production was up 20% to 44,828 units from 37,353 units in 2011. Production of passenger cars reached 39,634 units from 34,132 units in 2011 and commercial car production increased to 5,194 cars from 3,221 in April last year. In the first quarter sales fell 11% to 186,280 units from 209,368 vehicles in 2011, while vehicle production fell 2.6% to 186,787 units from 191,767 units in 2011.

“The sales volume for May is expected to improve due to introduction of new models,” said the association.

MAA declared that even if consumer requests remains stable, the tight hire purchase loan approvals led to a longer leadtime to complete the sale process, causing a slowdown in new vehicle registrations.

“Rush for deliveries and invoicing by companies having financial year ended March 31 resulted in higher March sales,” said MAA in a statement.