Man arrested for torching 100 cars in Berlin [photos] image

A man who set fire to more than 100 cars in Berlin was finally arrested.

He told cops he had debts and no job, when he set 67 luxury cars- including Audis, BMWs and Mercedes Benz vehicles – ablaze in one three-month run.

“‘I’ve got debts, my life stinks and others with fancy cars are better off and they deserve this’.”

The arrest was a “sensational success,” head of Berlin’s State Office of Criminal Investigations (LKA) Christian Steiof said.

Steiof warned that the arrest itself would not put an end the problem of arson attacks, however. “The phenomenon, I’m 100-percent certain, will continue to keep us busy,” he said.

Police said he admitted setting 67 cars alight between June and August, and on several occasions the fire spread to cars parked nearby, accounting for another 35.

Prior to his arrest, André H., who was on social benefits, lived in a small apartment with his mother and invalid sister, according to Die Welt sources.

According to police records, 625 cars – including BMWs, Mercedes and Audis – have been set alight this year in what seems to be random vandalism.