How about this for a refresh to start your day with? A man apparently original from the United Arab Emirates or Dubai has converted the front of the 2000 made Mercedes-Benz S-Class into his desk.

The image showing the man who seems to be original from the Middle East has been posted on and we would like to thank the guys over there for it. It really made our day and this can actually become a new trend.

We’ve all seen the eccentric vehicles made by rich sheiks where the “fashion” quickly spread into the West so we are now wondering when we will see the front of a Toyota Prius or Nissan Leaf converted into a desk in the United States because those “eco” cars would definitely look better that way than on the road.

Sadly we have no background for the image above but judging from what seems to be the street in the left side of the “vehicle”, than behind the “desk” is probably sitting the owner of a local dealership or car wash or something. Thanks again, egmcartech!


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