Man Gets $20,000 in Tickets for ‘NO-TAGS’ Vanity License Plate image

Twenty-five years ago, Danny White, a D.C. resident wanted to have a little fun with his vanity plate that reads “NO TAGS.”

The personalized plates do earn the occasional approving comment, but the computers in DC’s Department of Motor Vehicles have never been programmed to get the joke.

The vanity plate has wrongly earned him $20,000 in unpaid tickets over the last 25 years, so many that he cannot renew his license or registration.

Why? Because any abandoned vehicle missing its license plate, was, until recently, logged with a notice that read ‘No tags’ – and many of them mailed to Danny.

“I’ve got enough tickets here to plaster my whole car.” White tells NBC 4’s I-Team reporter Tisha Thompson, who was first to report on White’s dilemma.

White tells Channel 4 he’s received so many tickets he has to make monthly trips to the DMV to get them excused.

“It had to be $20,000 in tickets,” White said. “Over $20,000.”

“Everybody asks that magic question!” he says. “’Why don’t you get rid of them?’” He says he always responds,

“’Are you going to buy me new tags?’ They say, ‘No.’

I say, ‘There’s no need for me to buy tags I already have.’ If you pay for it, I’ll change them. If not, fix the computer.”

  • Mike

    Maybe, just as a joke, he should walk through south Chicago wearing a t-shirt saying "I hate black people."

    It would really be funny to see how the hood responds to his joke.

    You have to use common sense to survive.