Manchester United: Ferguson bans young players from driving Corvettes image

The Manchester United head coach, Sir Alex Ferguson, has banned players younger than 23 to drive the Chevrolet Corvette sports cars given by the football club’s sponsor.

General Motors’ brand, Chevrolet, is Manchester United’s new sponsor, which is replacing Aon, whose partnership with the football club began in the 2010-2011 season and as part of this sponsorship, the North American based automaker is offering Chevrolet Corvette vehicles to players for personal use. But United’s head coach, Sir Alex Ferguson, thinks that young players shouldn’t be allowed to drive and he actually banned them from driving the exotic sports car.

Sir Alex Ferguson wants his young players to keep their feet on the ground and has recently decided that footballers younger than 23 aren’t allowed to drive the Corvettes. The decision is a classic one for Sir Alex Ferguson and the Manchester United’s fans can’t say that they are shocked by it. This measure will affect the 21-year old Danny Welbeck, the 20-year old Phil Jones, the 22-year old Rafael and the 22-year old Chris Smalling, amongst others.