The German aftermarket specialist decided to take the feisty BMW M2 and turn it into the MH2 630, meaning it can outdo the bigger and more expensive stock M5 in just about every department.

The designation is for the actual engine power – so the MH 630 packs 630 hp (up 260 compared to the standard M2) and also takes the maximum torque up 285 Nm to a total of 750 Nm. Manhart has made the M2 more powerful than any other M and the torque figure is equal to that of the BMW X5 M that uses a 1.5-liters higher capacity V8 engine than the M2 N55 inline-six. The tuner says the achievement was possible through an ECU remap, the fitting of a water-to-air intercooler, upgraded turbochargers, a carbon fiber air intake, and a steel exhaust.

Manhart Racing makes the BMW M2 more hardcore than an M5 15

In addition, they also did an engine swap with the S55 found inside the M4 – so it’s easier to understand the figures now, and also opted for the M4 DCT sequential auto gearbox. There were no performance figures advanced by the company, but we can easily see there are also numerous other improvements – from a full aerodynamic package with carbon fiber parts to a new suspension, the Manhart Clubsport 3 with KW parts and the Manhart Concave ONE alloy wheels. The new M2’s braking system features ceramic components and inside the leather and Alcantara comes with gold stitching.


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