Manhattan Parking Ban Because of Sex in Cars image

Residents of Midtown block, Manhattan, want to ban parking on weekend nights, disgusted by clubgoers who have sex in the cars.

“The cops are called all the time — drugs, sex, double parking, cars honking their horns, traffic blocked up,” said longtime resident Richard Schwartz.

Residents around West 30th between Seventh and Eighth avenues declared that their
Block is littered with condoms after horny patrons of Rebel NYC and The Parlour Midtown leave the hot spots on weekend nights, convincing Community Board 5 to support this unusual request for a no-parking zone during the weekend nights.

The complaints were first heard several years ago, but two weeks ago the community board petitioned the city to strip the street of parking on weekend nights.

“There’s all kinds of problematic activity going on, like noise, violence, sexual activity and drug use,” Raju Mann, the chair of CB5’s Transportation Committee, said in support of the unorthodox request.

The Parlour’s request to renew its liquor license was recently denied by the State Liquor Authority due to a review of several violations. The bar could face losing its license and be forced to close. Rocco Sergio, a manager at The Parlour, said they are trying to work with the community to fix these problems.