Apr.25 (GMM/Inautonews.com) Jacques Villeneuve has joined Bernie Ecclestone in admitting his opposition to the Manor team.

In Bahrain last week, when asked if he is happy the former Marussia team resurrected itself over the winter, F1 supremo Ecclestone admitted: “Not particularly.”

Now Villeneuve, the world champion of 1997, has admitted he also doubts Manor belongs at the pinnacle of motor sport.

“No, of course not,” he told the Spanish sports daily AS, “when their car is five seconds off the pace.

“This team is not worthy of F1. It is better for them to be in GP2 or the (Formula Renault 3.5) world series and maybe they could even do well.

“This is an expensive sport and you have to be competitive.”

Villeneuve admitted F1 is facing issues with regards to spiralling costs, but he warned that the sport should not go too far to accomodate the stragglers.

“Formula one is an aspirational sport that everyone would like to be in,” he explained. “The teams should go testing again,let them spend as they did before — the engines should be really powerful and fast.

“That’s the appeal. It’s like if Rolex watches were suddenly cheaper, they wouldn’t have the same value either.”


  1. Fucking arsehole. That’s like saying we should shoot the disabled kid because he doesn’t have the money to support himself. Shame on you Villeneuve; your Dad must be turning in his grave!

    • That’s a lot of HARSH right there. Would you say the same to the NFL team that doesn’t allow a “vertically challenged” person to compete for the same team?

      • That’s completely different; In the NFL it’s all about the talent of the athlete, and a big factor which makes it easier to score in basketball is your height. In F1 we all know it’s the car that is the dominant factor in the success of a driver or team. Manor is in the ‘unworthy’ state that it is thanks to the greed of Bernie and the other teams; they were promised a budget cap, given an entry. By the time they’d sorted their team and car out the budget cap had been scrapped, so they’d been tricked by Bernie. They were then left out of the Strategy group so they really had no way of avoiding going into administration…And of course it certainly didn’t help when their lead driver ended up in a coma. If the team is so ‘handicapped’ as you and JV imply, then how come they managed to score points at Monaco last year? And for Villeneuve, a guy that went the whole of 1999 without scoring a point for the BAR team, which is now the all conquering Mercedes team, is just hypocritical.


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