Mansory has dreams of luxury shuttles with the Mercedes V-Class image

We’re usually visually assaulted by the projects from aftermarket specialist Mansory – so we weren’t expecting them to come out with a model that is fittingly equipped to host executive conference meetings on the Autobahn.

The folks at Mansory usually tune supercars or high end luxury utes, but this time around they joined the growing party of high-end specialists that decided to rework the Mercedes V-Class. While highly modified vans was all the rage back in the day when having a TV set in the car was mind-blowing (and you needed a lot of space for the back tube and huge antenna). Now multimedia systems – complete with 4G Internet – are now a common perk in most luxury people movers. This is why Mansory took the executive approach to the V-Class, turning it into something worthy of an airliner’s first-class suite.

Mansory has dreams of luxury shuttles with the Mercedes V-Class 3

The V250d gets Mansory’s usual perks – carbon-fiber bits and pieces for the body, a prominent front lip with air ducts and integrated LED daytime lamps to show you this is no regular V. Trapezoid exhaust tips with a very subtle diffuser – but Mansory shows its usual credentials via the spoilers for the tailgate and roof as well as two-tone paint with carbon-fiber mirror housings and 19-inch wheels.

Mansory has dreams of luxury shuttles with the Mercedes V-Class 2

The interior is where the magic happens – Mansory makes room for just six persons, with four of them in the rear. Two of them are comfort seats with recline and full massage functions, separated by a center console that can feature an optional refrigerator. Then there are two conference seats that can be extended when needed to face the rear. All electronics – Wi-Fi, seat functions, hands-free calling and, of course, the TV – can be controlled with a central touch display. There’s also a deluge of wood and Alcantara leather, as well as carbon fiber shift paddles. The reworked 250d gets an extra 52 horsepower (39 kW) for a total of 252 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque, enough to hit the autobahn at 130 miles per hour.