Mansory is teasing us to its own take on the already outrageous Bentley Bentayga image

We’re pretty weary about new projects coming from Mansory, as the aftermarket specialist has a habit of delivering outlandish projects that make even the hardest auto fan blush.

There’s hope though, as recently we saw some examples of the tuner’s work that were actually compelling modifications and could pass – in their opinion at least, as subtle and mindful projects. Now the specialist is getting ready to deliver its own take on the aftermarket process for the Bentley Bentayga. And since this SUV is the first example of a new breed – the ultra-luxurious crossover with full off-road capabilities, they opted for a marketing-wise approach, enticing us with a teaser preview. Mansory is delivering the first glimpse of the project, and we get to see a full carbon fiber nose and part of the hood as well as incredibly massive alloy wheels. The SUV is only now reaching its intended customers but since it’s the first of a broadening pack it has garnered immense interest.

While the Bentayga is already pretty much established as a lavish vehicle, opulence is also Mansory’s second name. As such we can see the hood and grille seem to be made of carbon fiber, and the road contact is delivered via massive, multi-spoke 23-inch wheels. The cabin hasn’t been showed yet, but the tuner does promise to deliver a fine work of top-quality leather, Alcantara, wood, and more carbon fiber. We’re also tipped about “a substantial increase in performance,” but so far we don’t have any technical details. The standard Bentayga breaks the bank with its biturbo 6.0-liter W12, which delivers 600 horsepower and 664 pound-feet of torque – so we’re expecting Mansory to push it to at least 650 hp.