The green revolution is upon us – with virtually every major automaker already having at least one and preparing many more electric vehicles – but its seems there are lots of people impervious to any change.

If you live in a fairly crowded metropolitan area chances are every day you’ll get to see at least one electric car – and the basic mechanism of operation of an EV is usually nothing like rocket science for most of us. But since not all people are car fans, we can understand why some American drivers are oblivious to this type of vehicles. Though the exact percentage – of around 60 % – as revealed by a study, is a little worrisome. The survey of Altman Vilandrie & Company (AVC) scrutinized the opinions of 2,557 Americans and surprisingly around 60 percent responded they “never heard of electric vehicles” or they’ve “heard of electric vehicles but don’t know much about them.”

More importantly, those with knowledge of EVs showcased the basic arguments against buying such a revolutionary vehicle: 85 percent said because of the lack of charging stations, 83 percent of the price and some 74 percent complaining about charging times. The company sees the rate of adoption going spectacularly up when more affordable models enter the market – such as Chevy’s Bolt (limited availability for now) and Tesla’s Model 3.


  1. It’s no different in most of the rest of the world – polls just reconfirm what a “great job” the mainstream media does at keeping all things green – especially EV-related – off the radar and as far removed from the public conscience and consciousness as possible.
    The media is primarily still dedicated to selling the status quo and promoting business as usual – they don’t want a public that’s demanding disruptive/transformative alternatives.
    Almost all polls simply confirm the continuing power the media has to influence or determine what the public are and aren’t thinking about or aware of.

    Paul G Editor
    Electric Vehicles UK


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