Although US auto recalls are close to reaching a new record in a decade, analysts still believe it’s impossible to fix all vehicles.

According to new data compiled by safety advocates, regulators and the CarFax vehicle history company, almost a third of the recalled vehicles will not get fixed and around 36 million vehicles, or one out of seven vehicles, are still on the roads with an unrepaired defect. This means that many of the recalled vehicles from various automakers such as GM, Honda, Toyota and Chrysler will remain un repaired and put drivers and passengers’ lives at risk.

“You’ve got 15 percent to 20 percent right off the bat who are probably never going to come in,” said John McEleney, a Chevrolet and Toyota dealer in Clinton,Iowa. “They never get these corrections made for whatever reason, as much as the manufacturers and the dealers try.”

This year so far, recalls have already surpassed 12 million units, more than half of the 22 million vehicles recalled last year.  According to George Hoffer, professor at the University of Richmond,  Virginia, the rate of vehicle repair in Toyota’s unintended acceleration recall was of 88%. Although GM CEO Mary Barra will try to achieve a 100% repairing goal, there are some factors which will have to be taken into account.

Sometimes the drivers are the ones who do not want to get their cars fixed, even if they have been recalled, or they fear that the dealers will try to convince them to buy other services. In other cases drivers don’t even know that they are driving a recalled model, they do not receive a recall letter because they have moved or they are the second or third owner and won’t be even sent a notice.

“I may not be the first in line, but I’m well aware of the potential problem,” said Chapman, an assistant programmer from West Suffield,Connecticut.

“But I’m the kind of person who doesn’t get scared by the headlines. I can assess the real risk and I’ve driven a lot of miles with no issues. I don’t expect it to happen in the next month.”

Image: AP


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