Marcel de Rycker New Peugeot Germany CEO image

Wednesday, September 12th, Peugeot Germany announced its new CEO, Marcel de Rycker, who replaces Thomas Bauch.

Marcel de Rycker has been transferred from PSA’s headquarters in Paris and he will take over his new responsibilities beginning October 1st, at the company’s new location in Cologne. De Rycker has worked for Peugeot’s strategic business development area since July 2011, being located in Paris. Rycker’s previous experience rests in different positions held at various automakers such as BMW, GM, Mercedes and Volkswagen.

Rycker’s predecessor, Thomas Bauch, has left Peugeot in August after serving the company for three years. At the beginning of this month Peugeot Germany moved its headquarters from Saarbrucken to Cologne.

Recently, the expert sent by the French government to evaluate Peugeot’s situation and find solutions, said that the restructuring and job cuts the automaker has previously planned are unavoidable for the automaker’s future. The expert added that the automaker should have chosen to close its low capacity plant in Madrid, Spain, instead of the one near Paris.

“Our lives and our jobs don’t really depend on the conclusions of this report. You know, we have no illusions about any reports compiled by experts,” said Jean-Pierre Mercier of the left-wing CGT.