March sales by some automakers in China (updating) image

Data show that Shanghai GM sold 86,967 vehicles in March 2010, up 89% from a year earlier. Of the total, the Buick brand sold 47,533 units, up 47.3%; the Chevrolet brand sold 38,011 and its first quarter sales reached 110,173, up 221%; the Cadillac brand sold 1,413, up 171%.

It is reported Shanghai GM sales grew by 100% year on year for the first quarter of 2010, to over 230,000 accumulatively.

Ford (China)

Analysts said Ford China’s rapid sales growth mainly depends on the sales of the Chang’an Ford Mazda.

GM (China)

Analysts said GM China’s sales grew by 71.4% for the first quarter of 2010, to 623,546 year on year. The company says the market demand for its Chevrolet Cruze, New Sail and other small models is particularly strong.

Chang’an Auto

In March, Chang’an sold 195,557 vehicles, up 66%, and its output reached 198,245, up 77.84%.

Analysts said Chang’an sold accumulatively 552,996 vehicles for the first quarter of 2010, up 85.7%, and its output achieved 539,910 accumulatively, up 107%.

Toyota (China)

Toyota China’s sales grew by 39% for the first quarter of 2010, to 179,000 year on year.