Mark Webber, the Formula One driver that has now settled for a less “adventurous” life as a Porsche company driver, has decided that having a personal 918 Spyder should recall one particular 919 Le Mans version.

The Australian racing driver has recently taken delivery of its personal hybrid supercar and he decided to take the factory deliver route since the Porsche locale in Zuffenhausen could be called his “home”. And we’re having here an interesting 918 Spyder – in a livery that closely resembles one familiar model for racecar aficionados. Yes, the Red, White and Carbon Fiber have teamed up to recreate the livery used on the 919 racecar Mark drove this year during the Le Mans. And celebrating it is in order since the factory team took home the win on the famed circuit after just the second year in its comeback. And the company is also looking to capitalize on Mark’s fame by creating a marketing brand around him.

So, all is settled then – we could simply point you to the #Aussiegrit to have you covered. But still, let’s talk for a bit about the gentleman’s machine. The 918 Spyder super-hybrid is also equipped with the Weissach Package, with performance taken a notch further – we can identify the pack by the abundance of carbon fiber and we could also highlight the great looking alloys. After taking delivery of his prized car, which features an interior adorned in black leather, contrasting stitching, carbon fiber and Alcantara, Webber went on straight to the Nurburgring, where during this weekend the FIA WEC 6 Hours of Nurburgring race takes place.


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