Marussia F1 Team launched its 2013 car, the MR02 image

Marussia F1 Team today revealed its 2013 car, the MR02, at the Jerez circuit in Spain where it will undergo testing during the next days.

According to the team, the MR02 represents „a comprehensive evolution of the 2012 car, which proved to be the most successful package in our three formative years of competition.” The benefits from all the improvements added to the 2012 car during the latter half of last season.

However, some elements of the new chassis have been redesigned to accomodate important new developments „aimed at achieving a further performance step.” Furthermore, the MR02 is the first complete car conceived using a design philosophy of CFD complementing wind tunnel.

„The heart of the car bears the most significant area of redevelopment due to the requirement to accommodate the KERS installation, which is new to the package this season,” reads Marussia’s press release. Designers had to integrate the system while reducing the overall weight of the chassis, maintaining stiffness and meeting the demands of the mandatory FIA crash tests. Marussia received support from Williams Advanced Engineering to accommodate the KERS system.

The MR02 is powered by Cosworth’s CA2013K engine, while the gearbox is the work of Xtrac. Marussia also collaborated with McLaren Applied Technologies for wind tunnel and simulator testing. The new car’s first test was done by Max Chilton this morning at Jerez. The team has yet to announce the name of its second driver.