Maruti Suzuki’s 1,000,000th Car Rolled Off the Assembly Line image

On April 30th, Maruti Suzuki’s 1, 000, 000th vehicle rolled off the assembly line, a red coloured hatchback A-star to be delivered in Denmark.

In 2009-2010 Maruti Suzuki India exported a total of 1.47 lakh units from which 75% delivered in Europe, and in 2011-2012 share of non-EU export rose from 23% to 66%. The 1,000,000th units and other 2,200 vehicles left the Mundra port towards various destinations among which Switzerland, Malta, Sweden, Algeria, Egypt and Morocco.

“A million cars in overseas markets is a significant milestone for us. We are happy that cars manufactured at Maruti Suzuki India have found good customer acceptance in overseas markets,” MSI MD and Chief Executive Shinzo Nakanishi said about the feat.

If two years ago Europe was a strong destination for Maruti Suzuki, the company now tries to focus more on the non-European markets as part of its strategy to boost sales. The last shipment included 1,500 vehicles for North Africa, Algeria being considered a key exports destination for the company.

“This strategy worked in our favour and helped us retain our export numbers after European nations withdrew the scrappage incentives. With this shipment, Algeria also attains the landmark of being the only country to import over 100,000 units from Maruti Suzuki,” he added.