Maruti Suzuki Fired 500 Workers Responsible for the Riot image

Maruti Suzuki declared that the company has fired more than 500 workers after the July riot at Manesar plant.

“Of the 1, 500-odd regular workers, we have issued notices dispensing with their services to 500-odd so far,” company Chairman R.C. Bhargava told reporters.

During the riot, which was considered the most violent in the company’s history, managers were chased and attacked by angry employees with iron rods and car parts, and the plant’s equipments were torched. The riot started from a disciplinary incident and led to the death of a manager who burned to death and the injury of several executives. Part of the production will be restarted on August 21st, with 200 anti-riot police working in shifts to supervise the workers.

“We have identified people who we believe were involved in the violence and we have lost confidence in these workers and they cannot be taken back. We intend to start step by step. We believe these measures will create a safe environment and so we have decided to lift the lockout,” said Bhargava.

Three days after the July 18th riot, the 3,300 employees at the plant were locked out and the Manesar facility, which produces 1,500 vehicles a day, was closed. The company will restart production on August 21st with only 300 employees and an initial production of 130 cars a day.