Maruti Suzuki is expected to partially restore the Manesar plant and start production in the following 10 days.

An official announcement will be made during a high-level meeting between the automaker’s management and the Haryana government. The facility has two assembly lines and can manufacture around 1,200 vehicles daily. It was shut on July 18th after a general manager was killed and many others injured in an incident considered the most violent riot in the company’s history. The lockout of the plant was declared on July 21st. The company will start Plan B, which produces the Maruti Suzuki Swift model.

“Plant B has been selected to run first because it is highly automated and will need fewer workers to begin operations. Resuming production of Swift and then Dzire will help the company meet the high demand. This plant can produce more than 400 cars per day and needs nearly 125 workers,” said a Maruti official, who did not wish to be named.

Today, August 13th, after the company will receive the investigation report, it is expected to announce the restart of production. Until now, police has arrested 134 employees, including 12 office-bearers of the workers’ union.


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