Maserati forecasts annual sales above 35,000 units in 2014 image

According to the Italian luxury brand’s CEO, Harald Wester, Maserati is on track to surpass its sales goal for 2014, and closer to an even more ambitious goal of annual deliveries worth 50,000 vehicles in 2015.

While the automaker, now a part of recently created Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, had meager annual sales back in 2013, a rise in luxury demand has lifted the sales of the sports car brand. Also, Maserati is riding the success of new model introductions, such as the “entry-level” Ghibli sedan and the availability next year of the maker’s first SUV next year.

“For the end of the year we will be significantly beyond 35,000, but not beyond 40,000,” says Wester. “The core of the message is: Maserati will remain an exclusive brand,” he added. “We will not offer a product below the Ghibli, we will not compete on price as other people are doing. Volume is not the most important parameter for the business.”

Next to the revival of the Alfa Romeo brand, Maserati’s record is key to Sergio Marchionne’s plans to resuscitate the company in Europe. Wester commented that the luxury marquee’s product offensive – the most important since Fiat took control back in 1993 – rides on the introduction of the Levante late next year, with a goal to produce at least 25,000 units of the SUV starting with 2016. In the end, the company plans to cap production at 75,000 units, but they “would not be dogmatic about it.”

Via Automotive News Europe