Maserati GranTurismo replacement might head to Paris image

A new two-seater sports car with the Maserati logos on it is expected to be officially presented to the public in a world premiere later on this month during the 2012 Paris Motor Show.

Maserati isn’t saying anything just yet about a possible replacement for the GranTurismo but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the company isn’t working on a successor to impressive sports car and, if we’ve learned something over the years, is that when a carmaker isn’t saying anything about a rumor, chances are that whatever that rumor is saying is very close to the truth.

This is exactly the case here and according to the guys at Car Advice, Maserati is planning to bring a new two-seater sports car to this edition of the Paris Motor Show which is expected to compete against models like the Ferrari 458 Italia or the new Porsche 911. Our source says that this model “came to light” in an e-mail sent by to current Maserati owners.

The model which Maserati is expected to bring to Paris Motor Show is most likely a concept car but it will preview a final production version of the model which might hit the market over the next 2-3 years, as a replacement for the GranTurismo. Details on the sports car will be announced at the Paris Motor Show if our source is right and Maserati will bring it to the French automotive event.