Maserati is teaching you how to master the ice image

For a complete experience behind the wheel of a Maserati, the company invites you to its Driving Courses programmes that now include the SnowMaster Experience Lapland edition

For those seeking to push a Maserati to the limit and also keen to learn how to handle a car in all situations, squeezing out every drop of adrenalin it can offer while being in full control at the wheel, the company has announced that it has extended its Master Driving Courses for 2016 with two more programmes for the experience to be as complete as possible. Therefore, beginning with March, Maserati has created for the first time the “SnowMaster Experience” edition in Lapland. At its core, the company has introduced an experience in extreme conditions, involving snow and ice, at Arjeplog, just 70 km from the Arctic Circle. This is a place where enthusiasts will improve their driving skills to the utmost and fully exploit Maserati cars in the most challenging conditions over a two-day course. On the same tracks of Lapland, the automaker is usually performing its in-depth testing at low temperatures during the development phase of a new car.

The second new course is the “Master Premium”, focusing on advanced GT driving techniques with safety and sporty driving as its aims. The balanced, carefully developed course is taught by top professional instructors, highly skilled in teaching the right techniques for driving high-performance cars. This advanced course includes in-depth telemetry analysis and exercises in oversteer control, as well as several other emergency driving skills. The participants will have at their disposal the entire Maserati range from the Quattroporte sedan, now at its 6th generation, to the Ghibli, the new top-of-the-range saloon, through to the brand’s sportiest models, the GranTurismo coupe and the GranCabrio convertible. The price for a “SnowMaster Experience” in Swedish Lapland is 5,950 euros, while for the “Premium” edition it is 3,450 euros.