The first rendering with the Maserati LaMaserati has recently made its way onto the web and it might provide us with a first look into the final production version of the model.

Maserati is rumored to develop a new supercar based on the brand new LaFerrari, which should make its way onto the market in 2015. The Maserati supercar, or the LaMaserati, as it is being named here, will be lighter than the current LaFerrari and it probably won’t get any hybrid features under its hood, because the company will focus on the 6.3 liter V12 engine used on the LaFerrari and on the F12 Berlinetta too, the official successor of the 599 GTB.

Besides the large unit, Maserati might also used the same 3.8 liter quad-turbo V8 engine from the Quattroporte. The Maserati supercar will be a two seater vehicle with carbon fiber body panels and some “things” borrowed from the LaFerrari, like the suspension, chassis and some electrical system. Unfortunately we don’t have any more details on the LaMaserati for the moment, but as a quick reminder, the LaFerrari has been unveiled in Geneva, last month. The model has a hybrid powertrain, producing 963 HP, enough for a 0 to 100 km/h acceleration made in less than 3 seconds.



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