Following the exit from the Iranian market of automakers including Porsche, Hyundai and Toyota, Italian carmakers Maserati and Lamborghini have also announced their departure from the Islamic Republic.

According to a report from The Algemeiner, the decision is apparently related to pressure from a group called United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI). The campaing led by this group seemed to lack results until an October press conference when UANI revealed the fact that Maserati and Lamborghini were still doing business in Iran, despite UANI’s requests to stop this.

After the news conference, Lamborghini announced its immediate departure from Iran, while Maserati seemed surprised to find out that its name was still being used in the country. Maserati’s parent company Fiat announced last May that it had ended business there.
Maserati then sent a cease-and-desist letter to an Iranian company that had been trying to establish distribution in Iran, with the matter now concluded in the automaker’s favor.

Even French automaker Peugeot has exited Iran, despite its leading position in the market. As of February, PSA Peugeot Citroen halted sales of CKD kits to Iran in compliance with international regulations. Losing Iranian customers was an important factor in Peugeot’s 16.5 percent drop in sales last year.



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