The Italian luxury automaker is a key part of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles return from the shadows of debt for his ailing European operations, with the Maserati brand expected to increase sales at a pace never before seen.

The investments made in Maserati have an ambitious goal of reaching no less than 75,000 annual deliveries by 2018, a five-fold increase over the level set by 2013 – 15,400 units. And things look already promising, as the small carmaker is on target to match last year’s full deliveries by June this year.

According to Maserati’s Chief Executive Officer Harald Wester, the dealership network o f the premium brand is set to evolve from 250 units in 2011 to around 500 in 2015, supporting the growth in demand for the brand’s successful Ghibli and Quattroporte luxury sedans.

“You need them to support the growth,” said Wester. The growth justifies “the investments we did and gives us a sort of confidence for further investments and further projects,” he added.

Besides growing deliveries, the plan for the Italian carmaker is to also reach a 6 billion euros ($8.2 billion) revenue in 2018 – more than triple in size from the current level, with the company introducing new models – a first for the brand SUV and the Alfieri sports car.

Via Bloomberg


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