Maserati SUV leaked ahead of Frankfurt debut image

One of the most expected cars of the year, the SUV made by Maserati, leaked ahead of its official debut at Frankfurt Motor Show next week, but its name remains a mystery, along with other details.

Being placed in the market somewhere between the Porsche Cayenne, the BMW X6 or the newest Eterniti Hemera Super SUV, which is actually a Cayenne undercover, the Maserati SUV is expected to be powered by the same Hemi V8 engine as the Jeep Grand Cherokee, and it seems that the designers and engineers managed to separate it from the Jeep brand, on which is based.

“The important point is that whatever Maserati we launch will be a product that respects the entire heritage, image, characteristics and customer expectations of this brand. What ends up in the dealer shops should be 100 percent Maserati”, said Harald Wester, the Maserati CEO, in an interview earlier this year.

No more details about the “trident-badged” SUV are known yet and the newest Maserati in the line-up will be officially unveiled during the Frankfurt Motor Show next week.
Photo credit: Automotive News Europe Pocket Guide to the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show and