Maserati SUV will be made at US Chrysler plant image

Rumors say that the luxury auto maker Maserati will manufacture its future SUV model at the Chrysler Group’s Jefferson North assembly plant in Detroit.

“The important point is that whatever Maserati we launch will be a product that respects the entire heritage, image, characteristics and customer expectations of this brand. What ends up in the dealer shops should be 100 percent Maserati”, said Maserati’s CEO Harald Wester in an interview earlier this year.

Being more concerned on the official unveiling of a Maserati SUV concept at next month’s Frankfurt Motor Show, the Italian auto maker has refused to comment the company’s production plans ahead of the German event.

According to Maserati, the concept which will hit Frankfurt will be based on the Jeep Grand Cherokee and the main concern is how the SUV will differentiate from its Jeep roots.

No other official details of the American-made Maserati SUV have been released yet and the manufacturer is probably waiting to see how the Jeep Grand Cherokee-based concept will be “received” at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.