Maserati SUV will be named the Cinqueporte image

The Maserati SUV presented this year at the 64th edition of the Frankfurt Motor Show was wearing the Kubang name but it seems that the luxurious crossover will enter production as the Cinqueporte, after the automaker has registered the name with the European patent and trademark office.

According to, the Maserati SUV previewed at the Frankfurt Motor Show will be named the Cinqueporte and the automaker’s officials did say recently that Kubang has never been announced as the vehicle’s new name.

The Cinqueporte name is not entirely new to Maserati and the automaker has presented a version of the Quattroporte back in 2008 and just a single copy of it has been made for a wealthy Middle Eastern client.

As a reminder, the Maserati SUV presented at the German event earlier this year was powered by the 3.0 liter Pentastart V6 engine which was developing 350 horsepower but for the road going version the automaker might also use a larger 3.9 liter V8 designed and built by Ferrari which will deliver about 450 horsepower.

  • Bill

    Maserati continues to "borrow" heavily from Buick, albeit old Buick, design.