Maserati to recall some of its premium sedans over stuck pedal gas image

The Italian brand issued a safety campaign in North America that targets some of its Quattroporte and Ghibli models for risk of unintended acceleration.

Maserati has identified a problem with its Quattroporte and Ghibli premium sedans sold in North America and is thus issuing a recall campaign. The safety action was triggered by the danger posed by the driver-side floor mat, which can become dislodged and get stuck in the accelerator. “If the floor mat moves and becomes trapped between the accelerator and the vehicle carpet, it may result in very high vehicle speeds, which could cause a crash, serious injury or death,” the Italian automaker said in a notice posted Saturday by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

There are 28,235 cars affected by this “blunder”, models that were built from February 1, 2013, to November 30, 2015, according to Maserati’s US branch. The recall is set to start on April 29 and the company will notify owners hit by the recall. Dealers will replace the driver’s floor mat and possibly the accelerator pedal, at no cost.

This notice follows the October recall of around 984 Quattroporte GTS units over an electrical risk which could lead to a fire hazard, a problem caused by an improperly installed insulating cap of battery positive cable for the starter motor and alternator or by an unsecured cable in the engine bay.

Via Bloomberg