Maserati’s three new models to come in quick succession image

Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne has confirmed Maserati is preparing three new models, a successor to the Quattroporte, a smaller sedan and the Kubang SUV, rumored to be called the Cinqueporte.

Marchionne also said these three models will be launched in a very short time frame, but didn’t reveal which one will be launched first. “We are being a bit secretive over what you get first because it has implications for the industrial footprint of the group,” he said.

“You see, there is a site in Modena that makes the Quattroporte, there’s some debate what happens to that plant after Quattroporte. There is sufficient commonality in what we’re doing between the smaller car and the bigger one that we can do what we want,” Marchionne added, hinting that the smaller sedan could be built in Modena as well.

Rumours have it that the first model to be launched will be the Quattroporte, followed by the Kubang and the baby Maserati. The Kubang will be heavily based on Jeep Grand Cherokee, while the smaller four-door Maserati will use the Chrysler 300 platform. However, the small sedan will have a completely different suspension, with the engine to be supplied by Ferrari and tuned to Maserati’s preference.