Massa could leave hospital in 10 days image

Looks like Felipe Massa’s recovery is going very very well so the doctors said that he could walk out by the end of the next week.

Peter Bazso, the medical director of the hospital, told Hungarian TV channel M1 on Tuesday: “My expectation is that he would walk out of the hospital on his own. If his recovery continues at this pace, I wouldn’t rule out that he could leave within 10 days.”

Massa has been brought out of an induced coma and has now been taken off a respirator

“He’s spending more and more time awake, talking to family and friends,” Bazso said.

However, while it remains uncertain about the extent of any eye injury that Massa may have suffered, Bazso has also said that Massa’s condition must still be monitored closely.

“I would like to point out that although he’s recovering, this is not the end of the story, he is still in a life-threatening condition,” Bazso said. “Of course, the danger is decreasing by the day.”

  • Brandon James

    Let's hope he makes a speedy recovery and who knows, maybe he'll be back in time for his home race at the end of the season.