The acclaimed actor, actually the star of a 2011 movie named after Ford’s luxury division, has been signed to lift the brand’s awareness among younger customers.

“The Lincoln Lawyer” actor will have a tough time pitching the US premium brand, hit by a sales decline of 65% since 1990. The star is a good choice though – aged 44, he revived his career recently – winning both the Academy Award for Best Actor and Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Drama for the Dallas Buyers Club biopic on AIDS. So, after being pitted as the romantic comedy guru in the 2000s and starring in such box office bombs like 2005’s Sahara flop, McConaughey is among the best viewed drama actors in Hollywood today. And if he’s got a secret recipe for success, maybe he’ll share it with Lincoln.

“The MKC is the most promising product they have and they’re looking for a way to break through,” said Michelle Krebs, a senior analyst for researcher “Matthew McConaughey is contemporary and he’s hot right now.”

The star is set to debut in an ad for the new MKC sport-utility vehicle in September. According to Dearborn, Michigan-based Ford’s statement, the two-year contract “invites viewers to experience the vehicle through unscripted moments,” with the actor. There was no word on the financial aspect of the deal.

Via Bloomberg


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