Maybach 62 does 1 million km in 5 years image

A Maybach 62 has covered more than 1 million kilometers in just five years since it was bought.

The Maybach 62 may have left the production line, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not one of the most luxurious cars in the world and, despite being made by Mercedes-Benz, which is not known for being too reliable, the model in question managed to cover more than 1 million km in just 5 years. The Maybach 62 has been bought back in April 2009 and in September 2009, the odometer got stuck at 999,999 (621,370 miles).

Before becoming too excited and spending your savings on one of these vehicles, you should know that the car’s original engine has been replaced after 600,000 km (372,822 miles) and a few months later, it also received a new gearbox. The Maybach 62 also received new front shocks and several repairs to its electrical system. The car’s owner, Josef Weikinger, wanted to buy another Maybach, back in August 2013, but the brand was gone. He had chosen instead a BMW 760Li and this is his vehicle of choice. Keep in mind that the Maybach 62 mentioned above has been sold and it’s now used by his new owner.