Mazda Motor Corporation will begin testing its advanced safety vehicle, the Mazda Atenza (Mazda6) ASV-5, on public roads from September 2013.

The vehicle will be used to test a driving safety support system, which utilizes intelligent transport systems jointly developed by industrial, academic and government organizations. The car will also take part in the 20th ITS World Congress Tokyo 2013 in October and demonstrate a futuristic safety system that will see streetcars and automobiles communicating with each on the streets of Hiroshima.

The ITS World Congress event features an exhibition of advanced safety technologies and sessions on a wide range of topics with participants and speakers coming from all over the world.

Used by approximately 150,000 people daily, streetcars form an essential component of Hiroshima’s public transportation system. The new safety system enables communication between streetcars and automobiles equipped with an autonomous sensor. The trial is aimed at verifying the system’s ability to prevent collisions and support smooth and safe driving.

There is renewed interest in streetcars globally as a form of eco-friendly public transport, and this experiment advances collaborative research aimed at establishing a safe transportation system that makes the most of the advantages of both rail and vehicular transport.


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