Mazda Motor Company has recently launched two special editions of the Biante minivan, the GRANZ and the GRANZ-C, in Japan.

According to the Japanese based automaker, the Biante GRANZ is actually the upgraded version of the company’s Biante 20S front-wheel drive version. Both the GRANZ and the GRANZ-C are being powered by an EC-AT 2000 DOHC DISI-i-stop engine, which is mated to a five speed transmission. The unit is featuring the unique idling stop system and the Clean Air Package equipment (CAP), which is coming with an air purification system, named the Alleru Bustser, an air filer that removes viruses and allergens. Besides this, both rides are available with a ceiling-mounted cabin deodorizer and rear heater.

Mazda says that the Biante GRANZ is the only version available with the CAP, as an option, and this system won’t come on the GRANZ-C. The Mazda Biante GRANZ is coming with 17 inch alloy wheels, wrapped in 215/50 tires, while the GRANZ-C has 16 inch steel wheels with full-wheel cap, covered in 205/60 tires. The Mazda Biante GRANZ-C has a keyless entry system, with automatic rear liftgate and answer back function, along with one retractable key. Prices for the Mazda GRANZ start at 2.57m yen (33.399 USD) while the GRANZ-C costs 2.50m yen (32.490 USD). The basic 20S starts at 2.49m yen (32.360 USD).


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