Mazda celebrates dual anniversary from 50 years ago image

The Japanese automaker’s first ever sports car – the Cosmo Sport – but the even more famous world first twin-rotor engine was also launched no less than 50 years ago, back in 1967.

While rotary engines are not exclusive to Mazda, no other manufacturer has achieved the type of recognition Mazda has – for using them, having faith in them and also making them the object of adoration for a certain type of fans. And in case you don’t think the Mazda rotary engine has defied all expectations and has achieved impressive feats, we may remind you that a vehicle equipped with this type of motor achieved the 24 Hours of Le Mans win back in 1991. Mazda is now honoring the passing of time – five decades – from the introduction of the Cosmo Sport, but also the arrival of the world’s first ever twin-rotor engine.

The Cosmo Sport was also known as the 110S – actually most of the world knew it by this moniker. The model has achieved cult status among Mazda fans, having been said to have influenced all later models – RX-7, RX-8, and MX-5. Mazda also made their first sports car a very exclusive ride – producing a mere 1,176 units. Today no rotary engines have remained in the lineup, mostly due to emissions constraints, but the company is resilient and is rumored to experiment with different applications of this type of engine.