Mazda considering a new model smaller than the Mazda2 image

Mazda is considering the development of a Mazda1 model that would slot in its range below the Mazda2 and would increase sales in markets around the world.

The project is now just a feasibility study and would not be due until the latter half of this decade at the earliest if it were given the green light, writes Go Auto, citing Mazda general manager of global sales and marketing Yasuhiro Aoyama.

“We are always looking at whether we need to produce a sub-B model, ” he told GoAuto at the Australian International Auto Show in Sydney this week. Mazda is working with two scenarios, one involving a super-frugal city car like the Volkswagen Up, and the other involving a low-cost transport option for emerging markets.

According to Yasuhiro Aoyama, the former would have to be eventually developed to help Mazda meet tough future European emissions regulations and would require low weight and downsizing technology.

The second option would allow Mazda to enter emerging markets in South-East Asia with an inexpensive model, such as the vehicles proposed by Nissan for its resurrected Datsun brand. Mazda is also considering a partnership arrangement with another manufacturer to make the Mazda1, with potential partners being the Fiat Group and Ford.