Mazda could push the brand upscale with…a designer line image

You might have heard about smartphones that wear the Porsche logo, or watches and pens – among others – that compliment the owner’s Bentley limousine.

But now the small Japanese automaker Mazda wants to join the select club of brands that market their image on other products – increasing their brand awareness, exclusivity and bank accounts.

Mazda is best known for its late association to Ford and the sporty models it designs (not to mention the iconic Miata MX-5 open-top), as well as new Skyactiv technology. But the brand now thinks it has enough to get going with a jump to the designer goods business. One thing is for sure – the segment is extremely vast and tempting – incorporating anything from gadgets, apparel to furniture or clothes.

“Painstakingly crafted, there are distinct parallels between the chair and Mazda models with the Kodo design, such as the ready-to-pounce, forward-leaning stance conveying the sudden release of pent-up energy.”

Dubbed the Kodo Chair, the item has been created and presented last year during the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, an important furniture fair, and global design boss Ikuo Maeda wants to go on and turn the one item into a sprawling Mazda Design line. He says the idea has the support the company’s CEO Masamichi Kogai – but the automaker would only start selling such creations within the next few years, not sooner.

Via Automotive News