Mazda CX-7 to be Made in China image

FAW Mazda’s Brand Promotion Director Song Xiaojuan and other sources confirmed that Mazda CX-7 will be produced in China, the joint venture beginning the manufacturing process of the crossover SUV by the end of 2012 and sold via FAW Mazda’s sales channels.

The production for CX-7 , the production version of the MX-Crossport concept car, began in 2006 in Hiroshima, Japan and went on sale in spring 2006 as a 2007 model. The CX-7 is also Mazda’s first mid-size SUV since the Navajo was discontinued in 1994. There is quite a striking resemblance between CX-7 and the other models: CX-7 shares the front suspension of the Mazda MPV minivan, the rear suspension from the Mazda5, the turbocharged engine of the Mazdaspeed6 and uses a 6-speed automatic transmission.

The model, which is Mazda’s first SUV available in China, is currently sold by FAW Mazda as an import version. Since the demand for SUVs in China is rapidly growing, the company has already confirmed that the CX-5 will be produced in the country by 2013. The other existing models, Mazda6, Mazda6 Ruiyi and Mazda8, will be offered yearly updates.

By introducing the CX7 into China, FAW-Mazda has a competent competitor to take on the Toyota RAV4, Honda CRV, and Nissan Qashqai in a market where crossover SUV’s are well received.