A Mazda spokesman has confirmed that the Japanese carmaker has ceased production of the CX-7 SUV.

According to a senior source quoted by Autocar, the decision has to do with to the success of Mazda’s smaller CX-5 SUV, whose booming sales have affected demand for the larger, more expensive CX-7.

“Sales of the CX-7 have been as expected at around 800-1,000 per year in the UK, but with the new CX-5 doing well, and the big CX-9 remaining in the relevant markets such as USA and Russia, it makes sense for CX-7 production to stop,” the source was quoted as saying by Autocar. The company hasn’t made any announcement on a possible replacement model, but most likely there won’t be any.

Launched in the UK in 2007 with a 2.3-litre petrol engine, the CX-7 only received a diesel engine two years later. Had the diesel engine been offered earlier, the fate of the CX-7 may have been different.

The smaller CX-5 SUV was launched in 2011 and went on sale early this year in the UK. Although the Mazda2 remains the company’s biggest seller, the CX-5 is very important to the brand’s worldwide success. Another reason for the discontinuation of the CX-7 is that Mazda wants to replace its model line-up, allowing for the introduction of its SkyActiv technology (debuted on the CX-5) across the entire range of models.


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