Mazda Flairwagon was launched in Japan image

The Japanese based automaker Mazda has recently announced that the Flairwagon model has been launched on the local auto market, where its price starts at 1, 212,750 yen.

We have all seen what Japanese like to watch on TV and what they like to eat or wear but this is getting really boring because now we also have to see what they like to drive. No offense, Mazda, but I thing you could have done better. Mazda’s latest creation is called the Flairwagon and it has been described as being practical and stylish but its overall design looks just like my box of shoes with windows and something round which might be the wheels.

Mazda says that the model has a small grille, two sliding rear doors with the Easy Closure function and large headlights, but we don’t care so the car manufacturer is moving on to the interior, which is coming with an air conditioned glove box, split folding rear seats, chrome trim, push-button ignition and a simplistic instrument cluster. Nice, you had me on “air conditioned glove box”.

The Mazda Flairwagon is powered by an engine similar to the one used in refrigerators before WW2 started, which is a 660cc unit available in naturally aspirated and turbocharged versions, both of them mated to a CVT transmission. Front-wheel drive comes as standard and all-wheel drive as an optional. Blind people who will buy the Mazda Flairwagon will have to pay 1,212,750 yen or 15,280 USD / 12,310 euros.