Mazda focusing on its new rotary sports car with new engine image

As we know, Mazda has been working on a new RX-8 replacement, few more information has been revealed about this new rotary engine.

For those who don’t know, Mazda’s Wankel engine was first fitted on the 1964 Cosmo R100 Coupe and then this engine was featured on the popular RX-sports cars. Now, the Japanese automaker is set to update this techonlogy. Almost 100 engineers are appointed to work on this particular engine, which will be added to the Mazda’s lineup soon.

Besides, a new laser ignition system was also developed that will be used for the new engine. This system eradicates the requirement for spark plugs and makes it comfortable to seal with the trochodial combustion chamber of the Wankel. By doing this, the automaker has found that the result is more appealing; practically the engine will be much more efficient and will produce less hydrocarbon emissions than the older version of the engine.

This way, the car will produce only 130g/km of carbon dioxide than 299g/kg that produces by the RX-8.

This new vehicle that will feature this engine will also receive micro-hybrid technology, auto stop and start options and use of lightweight materials, etc.

By Sunita Mandal