Mazda is announcing a new generation for its rotary engines image

The Japanese based automaker Mazda seems to be having problems with its PR department because after it announced several times that its rotary engines will not be produced anymore starting from mid-2012, along with the famous RX-8 model, the manufacturer recently said that a new generation of rotary engines is in the books.

Mazda has already launched the “goodbye” version of the RX-8, named the Spirit R, which will be available only in Japan in 1.000 units, but it seems that the automaker will come up with a new generation of rotary engines which probably means the RX-8 will have a successor, probably named the RX-9, and probably more reliable than the current coupe.

“We have a lot of support for the RX-8 rotary engine, thank you very much! We are excited! Mazda “SKYACTIV” aims to achieve a breakthrough technology is zealously developing new models with the next generation of rotary engine. Continue to support us and thank you!”, as Mazda said on Twitter translated by us in a very hard Japanese language.

Rumors say that Mazda may sign an alliance with Audi in order to develop the new generation of the rotary engines after the German based automaker presented in 2010 an A1 concept powered by a rotary engine, which used its energy to load the batteries for an all-electric drive.

To revolutionary rotary engine has been around for 44 years.