Contrary to recent rumors claiming that Mazda is considering building a hybrid RX-9 sports car, Car and Driver is reporting that the automaker is not working on a hybridized RX-9.

Even worse, minimal sales of the RX8 may jeopardize the Mazda rotary engine all together.
Production of the Mazda RX-8 is drawing to a close, with U.S sales of just 291 units from January to April of this year.

However, according to the same source, there is a quiet movement within Mazda to build an RX-7 as a replacement. Such a vehicle would borrow (and, most likely, enlarge) the platform from the next-generation Miata, which should hit the market in a bit less than two years. Again rumors and rumors – nothing official.

The death of the RX-8 is sad, most notably for its stellar chassis and steering, however issues like horrible fuel consumption, burning oil and a lack of torque were always sore points.

Mazda Rx-8 photo gallery



  1. As an RX-8 fan since its launch, I don´t think it died only because of bad fuel consumption and lack of torque…The new models since 2009 ARE HORRENDOUS, EXTREMELY UGLY! Mazda bought this disgrace upon themselves when they re-designed the car. It was perfect the way it was, it didn´t need to ´Smile´ more to sell more. They got it all wrong and now it just shows you how the consumers are extremely unsatisfied. Join this with those other issues people complain about and yes you lose all appeal.

    Hopefully, they can catch back the attention of the crowd with a supposed Rx-9 model. The CX-5 has already been announced and it looks gorgeous. At least it looks like they´ll begin 2012 with the good foot.


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