BBR has recently unveiled its engine and chassis program for the newly released Mazda MX-5, with focused research and development taking care of the company’s brand new Skyactiv powerplant.

According to the program engineers, the increases in power have not been operated at the expense of drivability or handling pleasure, with the first level of the program – named BBR Super 160, taking the 1.5-liter engine up by 20bhp and 15 lb. ft of torque, for a total of 158bhp at 7,700 rpm – which makes the little sports car that could even faster and easier to drive. The modifications included work on the camshaft, ignition timing and fueling structure across the entire rev range. Next up is the BBR Super 175+ that is aimed at the 2.0-liter model, which adds an additional 17bhp at 6800rpm for careful performance and drivability improvements. Both packs are already available across the MX-5 range and they are valued from 495 British pounds including installation, while the do-it-yourself kit is also available with programming software and OBD lead at £595.

BBR also has the third pack, named Super 190 which is only delivered on top of the 2.0 liter, and carrying inside the design complete forward compatibility with upcoming BBR engine tweaks. It comes with a modified cold air intake system, an optimized exhaust manifold, high flow stainless steel welded exhaust with integrated sports catalyst, and a grand tourer stainless steel rear silencer which comes nicely equipped with adjustable twin branded tailpipes. It lifts the power level to 190 bhp. The tuner also delivers a lowering and more firm suspension pack, new brakes and a complete range of lightweight alloy wheels and tire options, such as an OZ/Goodyear F1 combo.



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